Thomas Liebert’s candidacy for the position of Director of the IOPC Funds

Thomas Liebert is the French candidate for the position of Director of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds (IOPC Funds) for 2022-2026.

You can find Thomas Liebert’s programme at the bottom of this page.
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"The IOPC Funds must now build on their expertise and develop a strategy to adapt to the evolution of the maritime transport sector in the future."


  • Provide added value to all aspects of the IOPC Funds mission.
  • Streamline operating costs.
  • Establish an ambitious programme to support the implementation of relevant conventions.
  • Launch new initiatives to speed up the entry into force of the HNS Convention.

Discover Thomas Liebert’s programme :

English version

PDF - 3.3 Mo
(PDF - 3.3 Mo)

French version

PDF - 1.1 Mo
(PDF - 1.1 Mo)

Spanish version

PDF - 3.3 Mo
(PDF - 3.3 Mo)

publié le 05/10/2021

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